Teaching Elementary School: Five Classroom Essentials


One of the things that can be very educational for children in science is a microscope. You can go see an assortment of microscopes of all sizes. Try to let the children look at items of different sizes like bugs, water drops and leaves. This will give them a way to determine the difference between living and nonliving organisms as well as the components of each item.  Using a microscope will inspire students to appreciate the true wonder of science.

Math Supplies

It’s time to crunch numbers in the classroom. Rulers can help students learn to measure, and you can get counting blocks to teach addition and subtraction. Involve students in math by using candy to teach lessons. This is always a good way to get children to remember skills, and they can practice those skills at home.

Markers and Crayons

Try to keep an assortment of markers in the classroom. If you have a whiteboard, you need to keep a good supply of these in case one does not work or it runs out of ink. Make sure children use the markers on paper and not the desks or tables. Let children use the appropriate markers to write on the board to get a better understanding of the lesson.   Having the chance to write on the board in front of the whole class will make children feel important.  You also need to keep an extra supply of crayons. Children like to color, and although most kids bring their own crayons the first day of school, some might run out during the school year. Keep the crayons in a box so that students know where they are.


These are a great way to keep everyone organized. Make a chart for jobs in the classroom. Give half the students a job one week, and then change the jobs the next week for the other half of the kids. Charts can also be used to list homework assignments for the week.   Students will enjoy checking the box or putting stickers on it when they complete assignments.  This will motivate many to work harder.


Keep a variety of books in the room based on the reading level of the children. You can store them on a bookshelf in a corner, and create a reading area for the children.  Throw some bean-bags and other fun items in the area and turn reading time into a reward for good behavior.

Teaching is a rewarding position. It takes patience at times, but with the right materials and dedication, you can make a difference in a child’s life. Create a classroom with a fun learning environment so that students want to learn and want to be at school each day.